Rename (or move) project

Close the project then rename its folder.

Delete the \build\ directory so you delete the compiler cache etc.

Open CMakeLists.txt in your project root and update: project(MyProjectName)

Configure project

SDK Configuration editor

Menu > View > Command Palette > Type: “ESP-IDF: SDK Configuration editor” (or use CTRL+E then G)
Wait for it to load
Modify the ESP-IDF project settings as required. After all changes are made, click save then close the window.

menuconfig (Main ESP32 configuration options setup) menuconfig is the normal esp-idf way of getting at lots of the options.

In the VS Code “TERMINAL” window, enter: menuconfig
(You may need to use CTRL + ] to end its current mode and get its command prompt first)
(You need the “ESP-IDF Terminal”, if your open Terminal is Powershell, kill it and then use command prompt (CTRL+SHIFT+P) and “Open ESP-IDF Terminal”)

This will bring up the menuconfig UI within the terminal window.

Use the J & K keys for UP/Down

Default log verbosity

Enable the verbose debug level: “Component config -> Log output -> Default log verbosity” and set it to “Verbose” (instead of its default level “Info”).

Panic handler behaviour (CONFIG_ESP_SYSTEM_PANIC configuration)

What happens when a fatal issue occurs and the CPU has to halt.
Component config > ESP System Settings > Panic handler behaviour = Print registers and reboot

Save and quit

Peripheral & device settings

In SDK Configuration editor, see “Configure project” above.

Also lots of options in “Component config” section of menuconfig above.

Project information

View project memory sizes etc

Menu > View > Command Palette > Type: “ESP-IDF: Size analysis of the binaries” (or use CTRL+E then S)

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