Pause the Terminal window


Getting command prompt

You may need to use CTRL + ] to end its current mode and get its command prompt first

Getting “ESP-IDF Terminal” instead of powershell

You need the “ESP-IDF Terminal”, if your open Terminal is Powershell, kill it and then use command prompt (CTRL_SHIFT+P) and “Open ESP-IDF Terminal”

Open the terminal window

Use Windows start button > Run


Configure Tool

Enter the following in the terminal window

cd ~/esp/[MY PROJECT NAME]
make menuconfig

Monitor Tool

Use to view the output of your application and send keystrokes to it.

cd ~/esp/[MY PROJECT NAME]
make monitor

Anything you type is sent through the serial port apart from:

Quit: Ctrl+]
Menu: Ctrl+T
Help: Ctrl+T Ctrl+H
Reset the target board via the RTS line: Ctrl+T Ctrl+R (if RTS connected)
Pause Application: Ctrl+T Ctrl+P (will reset the target into bootloader, so that the board will run nothing. If you want to start running again you can then use Ctrl+T Ctrl+R to restart the application)
Toggle Output Display: Ctrl+T Ctrl+Y (when toggled off it will stop updating the display and discard all serial data, when toggled back on it will continue)

IDF Monitor Resources


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