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NOTE: The esp-idf build system does not support spaces in paths to projects

Create a project In Eclipse

Menu > File > New > Project…

Espressif > Espressif IDF Project

Set the name and location (DO NOT USE SPACES IN PATH)

Use a template project?

Select “Create a project using one of the templates” and select one

Press Finish

Configure Launch target

Connect your ESP-Prog or similar debugger and gets its port number.

The Launch bar is usually on the far left of the toolbar in Eclipse and has Build, Run & Stop buttons and 3 dropdowns.
If the launch bar is not shown: Menu > Window > Preferences > Run/Debug > Launching > Launch Bar > Enable the Launch Bar = CHECKED

Click the third dropdown from the launch bar > New Launch Target > ESP Target
Give it a name
Select the Serial Port your ESP device or ESP-Prog is connected to (lower port number = JTAG for ESP-Prog)
Click Finish


In the toolbar ensure Run mode, your project and your device is selected. Then press the Build button.

Check the Output window for any build issues you need to resolve.


Select Debug mode from the Launch Bar.

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