Espressif USB Host

USB Host MSC (Mass Storage Class) Driver

USB Mass Storage Class example

Espressif sample project

ESP-IDF sample project > USB > host > msc

You can use this to prove your hardware works with the USB memory stick.

Adding USB MSC to an existing project

Adding the component

See and look for this section: “To add this component to your project, run:”
Enter the command shown in your VS Code TERMINAL window. E.g. add-dependency “espressif/usb_host_msc^1.0.3”
(You may need to use CTRL+] to quit the current TERMINAL window function first and get its command prompt to appear).

Adding REQUIRES list

Look in the sample project CMakeLists.txt file, does it have a REQUIRES section like the below?

	REQUIRES Usb vfs )

You’ll need to add those requires to your project. Note that doing this will mean you also need to add REQUIRES for standard library items you are using too – see here.

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