Note, if you are going to use Visual Studio Code then you can let its Espressif plugin handle installing ESP-IDF – see here

Espressif guides

Setting up a Windows PC to program the ESP32

Create the required GNU-compatible environment with toolchain (the programs to compile and build your applications)

Download the Windows all-in-one toolchain from

Use the Universal installer.

Pre-installation system check

If the Apply Fixes button is enabled, let the installer apply the fixes it needs and then re-check your system setup.

Selecting software packages

Ensure ESP-IDF is selected

Once installation is complete


Windows start menu and desktop will have a new “ESP-IDF x.x CMD” shortcut added.
Opens the Command Prompt and sets up all the required environment variables.

ESP-IDF x.x PowerShell

Windows start menu and desktop will have a new “ESP-IDF x.x PowerShell” shortcut added.
Opens PowerShell and sets up all the required environment variables.


Will be located in: C:\Espressif\frameworks\esp-idf-vX.X.X\examples

Important notes

  • The ESP-IDF build system does not support spaces in the paths to projects.

Where things are installed



Path to Python


Updating Packages

Updating ESP-IDF

See “Updating ESP-IDF” on this page:

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