Espressif guides

Setting up a Windows PC to program the ESP32

Create the required GNU-compatible environment with toolchain (the programs to compile and build your applications)

Download the Windows all-in-one toolchain from

Unzip as instructed so it creates the directory C:\msys32 and follow the remaining instructions to create the exp\ directory

Check if IDF_PATH is set, by typing:

Openeing the MSYS2 MINGW32 terminal window, use Windows Run:

Install the ESP32 specific API / libraries

Versions history log is here:
Note there are current "latest" and stable "releases"

Follow the "Get ESP-IDF" instructions in the previous Espessif guide (so you get the latest version using their link)

ESP-IDF will be downloaded into ~/esp/esp-idf.

Adding IDF_PATH to User Profile

In windows explorer open C:\msys32\home\[YOUR USER NAME]\esp\esp-idf and copy the path (so you have it with your own user name).  For example:


Use windows notepad to create a new a new script file.  In it put the following line:

export IDF_PATH="C:/msys32/home/[YOUR USER NAME HERE/esp/esp-idf"

Make sure you replace back slashes with forward slashes in the path.

Save it to C:/msys32/etc/profile.d/

Make sure notepad saved it as "" and not ""

Close your MSYS2 window if open and then and open it again using:


Check if IDF_PATH is set, by typing:

printenv IDF_PATH

The path previusly entered in the script file should be printed out.

Installing Eclipse IDE

Download the Eclipse Installer for your platform from and choose “Eclipse for C/C++ Development” / "CDT" when choosing the version to use.

You may need to installe the JDK (Java Development Kit), the latest version is here:

Download the  idf-template project from:

Copy the project into: "C:\msys32\home\adam\esp\" (so you have "C:\msys32\home\adam\esp\esp-idf-template-master\" )

Now follow the instrucitons at:

The location for the Makefile support will be: "C:\msys32\home\adam\esp\esp-idf-template-master\"


Updating ESP-IDF

To take advantage of new features or bug fixes.  The simplest way is by deleting (or renaming in case you have projects in it!!) the existing C:\esp-idf folder and cloning it again, exactly as when doing initial installation as above.

See this page:



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