OpenOCD – libusb_open() failed with LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_FOUND

Have you installed the driver for the ESP-Prog? Have you used the zadig tool to change the driver for Interface 0 / is it still changed (hasn’t reverted back).

Error: libusb_open() failed with LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED

From Espressif support: This confusing error message can be printed on Windows, but it does not prevent debugger from working properly. So you just can ignore it if it seems the OpenOCD USB connection is actually working.

Error: [esp32s3.cpu0] Unexpected OCD_ID = 00000000

ESP32 S3 default configuration comes with it NOT being able to use the JTAG pins! You need to set an refuse to enable the JTAG pins 39 to 42. See here. See here to make the change.

Error: 940 507 esp_flash.c:382 esp_flash_get_mappings(): Failed to get flash maps (4294967290)!
Warn : Failed to get flash mappings (-4)!

From Espressif support: 4294967290 (= 0xFFFFFFFA hex = -6 dec) means ESP_STUB_ERR_INVALID_IMAGE. I think flasher returns this error because there is no valid app image in the flash at the default factory app offset 0x10000. This is ok if the app image has not been written yet to flash. This error can lead to the problems when you are debugging applications. For debugging applications located at non-default flash offset, please, see the docs.
But based on this output: Info : 1597 1538 esp_flash.c:454 esp_flash_erase(): PROF: Erased 61440 bytes in 688.057 ms

Could not run/continue: Don’t know how to run. Try “help target”. (from exec-run)

Is launch.json configured to use gdb instead of the ESP-IDF debugger (“type”: “gdb” instead of “type”: “espidf”)? See

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